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Fisiculturismo Feminino no Brasil

I’ve been doing athletic stuff my whole adult life. That is how I define myself. So when I got pregnant last year, I had a hard time dealing with my body transformations. Though I guess it’s been incredible to observe. those changes Just like every..

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Can You Handle THIS Weight?

This spring, my good old friend sponsored by ManimalWear gave me a pair of these wrist wraps. I’ll admit that I never had the slightest idea why and more importantly how anyone would be using these. So until my GYM buddy told me the secret, I’ve…

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Is Your Power of Will Strong and Determined Enough?

The power of will is what CrossFit’s all about. No time, no determination, no will? Then there will be no progress as well… But, when you become unwilling to get to the next level of your fitness training program, you just cut off all the incredible growth…

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